I founded TrickleUp Design with the goal of creating and helping others to create innovative products and services that have a positive social impact. Combining the ability to prototype and test objects with the capacity to imagine large systems at work on a global scale provides a depth and breadth to the design process that is necessary to creating meaningful solutions to today's challenges. From building cardboard models and finished prototypes in steel to sketching out systems diagrams and writing user scenarios, I believe in using all the tools at my disposal to think through a design brief and uncover the possible solutions until the ideal design emerges.

I thrive in this balance between detail and the big picture and bring this sensibility to each project I undertake. There is tremendous power in the willingness to get your hands dirty and understanding the small nuances of a design while also being able to stay aware of the larger system at work and its impact on each design decision.

My aim is to carve out a consulting niche that focuses on assisting companies in creating products and services specifically for emerging economies and to do so in a manner that is socially, environmentally and financially sustainable. I believe this is not only the ethical way to do business but increasingly, a best practice for staying relevant in an evolving marketplace. In the future, this triple bottom line is what consumers worldwide will demand. As this unfolds, I plan to be at the cutting edge of bringing meaningful solutions to the global market.